Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Fight for Endurance ...

... and the realization for the need for schmancy running socks. Stupid foot.

Anyway, since it's a crazy, sunny 72 degrees (!) out (and will be dropping 40 degrees overnight), I decided I better get in my outdoor running today. I did another loop - 1.86 miles this time - and went to the park via a longer route. I wasn't planning on running that way at all, but that 72 degrees and sunny also happens to include a fairly strong freaking wind from the south. Therefore, my northerly course which gives me a relatively downhill path to home (with a final uphill stretch) would be a total pain in the bunghole today.

In any case, I started out of the neighborhood going north, decided to turn west and then south on a trail behind the houses toward the park. Came out of the park and headed east toward the main neighborhood "thoroughfare." At the point I hit said thoroughfare ... the mucus and lungs (and wind) overtook me and I had to give up the running - after 1.27 milesish (runningmap, while awesome, only has roads and not random neighborhood trails. therefore, i had to guesstimate through the park).

I then had .59 miles to walk home, but it was uphill and into the wind so it's not like it was an easy .59 miles. Eh, whatever.

Still debating on whether I want to swim tonight after work. If I'm not ridiculously tired, I may ...

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