Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Brandon: Motivator

So Brandon keeps talking about me as his motivator. Well, I officially determined tonight that he's my motivator.

Tonight's gym experience started out as a total clusterfuck. I wanted to do something a little different tonight, so I checked out the class schedule and saw that there was one class I definitely wanted to do (athletic training) and another right before it that looked interesting as well (pilates fusion). I figured since the first looked somewhat low-key, I could slog through two hours of class. However, stupid me forgot that trying to park at the gym near 5:30 at night? Yeah, impossible.

So. I gave up and went to another 24 Hour Fitness that's a little further from the house, but still close. I did the aforementioned FTWoD then stretched out really well. After that, I did five minutes on the VersaClimber, which I can't decide is a tool from heaven or hell. It would be the former because it kicks your ass and the latter because it's EVIL. Still, when it comes to working out, evil is usually good. Finally, I hopped on the stationary bike. I was going to do 15 minutes, but realized that Brandon did 45 minutes of cardio today and me doing 15 minutes would result in 40 total. NO GOOD. Therefore, punched in 20 minutes and started pedaling. It turned out I beat Brandon (or thought I did) because the program also had a five minute cool-down to make 50 total minutes. Oh yeah.

Afterwards, I grabbed some dinner at Whole Foods - a smallish piece of salmon, some grilled yellow bell pepper and zucchini and some watermelon. I got home, ate all the watermelon ... and could only eat half of the rest of my food. Which is really kind of weird, given that I was pretty hungry. However, I guess it's good.

That, and I think that this Hawai'i thing has spurned a friendly competition with Brandon and I'm determined to keep pace ...

... still, I think I'm going to take a rest day on Friday.

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