Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back on the Wagon

After taking two of the last three days off and not sure if I'm going to get in a conventional workout tomorrow, I went to the gym tonight. I'm still sick so I didn't push myself too badly with cardio, but I still lifted.

I only did a brief six minute warm-up on the recumbent bike, stretched out really well (so tight) and then did 15 minutes on the stepmill. After that, I did Phase 1, Day 1 of the lifting cycle. I figure I'll move onto Phase 2 once I come back from Hawai'i.

I know my strength is coming back a little because I was able to almost squeeze out all of my bench presses (with weeny little girl weight on the bar ... *sigh*) without much difficulty until the last few reps. Go me!

Now, off to finish packing and talk to the boy who I GET TO SEE TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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