Sunday, January 13, 2008

A whole week without a break

After a nearly 5 hour drive back from Grand Forks, I got right back on the horse and headed downstairs to the treadmill. I was originally going to head to the gym and do some upper body, but after sleeping on a couch all weekend and the fact that my triceps are still sore from Thursday, I elected to just squeeze in some cardio + stretching. (T has been pushing me to stretch, so I decided today I would stretch a lot after my workout.

Hopped on the treadmill to begin the standard 45 minute workout. I was feeling pretty good from the get-go, probably combined with the fact that I was watching playoff football and Theresa continuing to motivate me by stoking my ego.

At 40 minutes, switched over to Fair to Midland and decided to push myself as hard as I ever have during the 45 minute treadmill workout. At 42 minutes, cranked it up to 9.0 and ran it for a minute. At 43 minutes, went back down to 6.5 for 30 seconds. At 43:30, went up to 8.0, and at 44 minutes, cranked it up to 10 and sprinted for the final minute.

After, I stretched, which felt really good (thanks T! ;)) and hopped in the shower. Another good workout. Tomorrow, I will be taking a day off...even though if I had the time, I would squeeze a workout in.

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