Monday, January 7, 2008

The Arms, They're Rubber!

Day two in a row - go me!

If you noticed by the post in front of mine, I gave the boy (brandon) posting capabilities. You know how I said I was apparently inspirational? Yeah, well he saw this and was inspired to blog. Therefore, I gave him blogging capabilities on this here blog.

In any case, even though I'm kinda sick, I'm inspired by this upcoming Hawai'i trip where I apparently have to look hot in a bikini for my boy since he's joining us - yay! Yep, therefore, I need to push myself (smartly) at the gym ... which brings us to tonight.

Since I missed going in the afternoon 'cuz I was lazy getting up today, I decided to go later in the evening around 8:20. I started with a six minute warm-up on the recumbent bike and then stretched (it's tough making myself stretch. only time i stretch with any regularity is before hockey/competitions). I then did the Fitness Treadmill Workout of Doom, a.k.a. FTWoD, which is as follows:

Min. 0-2 ... 0 incline ... 3.5 mph
Min. 2-5 ... 5 incline ... 4.5 mph
Min. 5-7 ... 11 incline ... 3.5 mph
Min. 7-9 ... 10 incline ... 1 mph (lunging)
Min. 9-11 ... 12 incline ... 3.5 mph
Min. 11-13 ... 10 incline ... 1 mph (lunging)
Min. 13-15 ... 12 incline ... 3.5 mph
Min. 15-16 ... 1 incline ... 7 mph
Min. 16-17 ... 1 incline ... 5.5 mph
Min. 17-18 ... 1 incline ... 7.5 mph
Min. 18-20 ... 1 incline ... 5 mph

Since Mr. Brandon's in better shape than I right now, he doesn't think this is that horrible but my out-of-shape ass? Yeah, pretty evil. Though, admittedly, it should get better once I regain my cardiovascular endurance. Hopefully.

After that, I lifted. I'm currently doing a lifting routine from second semester senior year in college when I took a weight training class. Today was Phase 1, Day 1:

Body Weight Squat 3 sets/10 reps
Split Squat 3/10
Lat Pull-Down 3/10
Bench Press 3/10
10 Sec. Glute Bridge 3/5
Alt. DB Shoulder Press 3/10
Lying Tri Extension 3/10
Reverse Crunch 3/10

My legs are okay now, though I know tomorrow they'll be killing me, thanks to the squats and lunges. However, my arms are totally dead. You know you've worked them hard when you're in the shower and you can barely wash your arms because it's an effort to lift them above your head. Yup, rubber-ness.

I know I'll be sore tomorrow and Thursday (i'm usually the sorest two days after), but damn, I love that feeling.

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