Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Just a Shorty Here ...

Haven't gotten the chance to get in a good workout today (silly work), but I was good and still managed to put in 20 hard minutes on the elliptical before I headed over to DU for interviews. I'm also being good and going back to smart eating. I may not measure and weigh out everything I eat like I was last summer, nor am I going to obsessively count where all my calories are coming from in a 60 carb - 20 fat - 20 protein percentage breakdown, also like I was doing last summer. Basically, I'll eat smarter, but if it's not ridiculously proportioned, I'll live with myself.

Luckily, Brandon's flying to and overnighting in Grand Forks tonight (where he used to go to school), so I'll have a chance to get a late workout in after I'm done with interviews here at DU and dinner. Go me and two-a-days!

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