Sunday, January 6, 2008

Getting Back on Track

Now that all that crap is out of the way, getting started ...

Not that I'm making any new revelations here, but it's a new year. This blog isn't about New Year's resolutions (or a resolution), but it will include me trying to achieve some of mine since, as it is, I'm a sheep like the rest of society and made a few exercise-related resolutions. I'll just blame it on the ol' female DNA.

Besides, if this were a New Year's Resolution blog, wouldn't I have started it on the first?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

But. Even if I had wanted to, I wouldn't have really been able to - my friend Mike came in town to possibly accept a job (he didn't) and his presence made it virtually impossible to work out since I had to play taxi and hostess. I managed one gym visit the evening of the first and that was it until today. We were going to go snowboarding on Friday (that would have been a first for me), but the weather didn't cooperate enough for what weather-specific clothes Mike had (that being, nothing for anything worse than 30s and sunny). The other problem with Mike in town was eating out all. the. time, and mostly at places that it's extremely hard to eat well. I gave up on the crazy strict "diet" I was on late last summer - even though it did work okay - and eat more "normal" so to speak, but at the same time, my body now starts rebelling and getting sick if basically all I eat for oh, let's say five days, is fatty crap. Yep.

Which brings me to today. Mike finally left (love the kid, but yeah) so I was finally able to work out. Go me! Before Mike came in town, I had my boyfriend of two weeks, Brandon, bug me over text message to get my ass to the gym. With Mike here, he couldn't perform this duty. With Mike gone as of this morning, Brandon gets to annoy me again. ;)

Therefore, I meandered over to the gym to get in a workout (just got back, oh, 25 min. ago) before I went out and looked at Zoolights at the Denver Zoo with some friends. This was accomplished with marginal difficulty given that I am getting sick and have been staving off the sickness of death that I seem to succumb to every year around this time. So, to get in a good workout but not push myself to sickness, I did 40 minutes of cardio and did push myself, but struggled not to push too far.

25 minutes on the Treadclimber and 15 minutes of elliptical later, I'm sweaty and feeling okay. Haven't eaten in a few hours (still on "mike schedule" i guess of eating twice a day - my body so doesn't like that), but I managed and feel all right.

I may try to go back to the gym tonight after Zoolights, but honestly, it partially depends on Brandon's flight schedule and when I get to talk to him.

Now. Going back to an earlier point about New Year's Resolutions, I figure I'll actually put my fitness-related ones in here. Might as well, right?

- Get back in shape. I actually was doing fairly well with this last summer before I went crazy (partial nervous breakdown, general misery and depression, y'know.).
- Compete in at least five races again (ran four 5ks and the aforementioned tri) and possibly add a few others into the mix. This also includes doing a tri again and probably the Tri for the Cure since I really enjoyed it.
- Finally learn how to kayak. I've been dying to learn for a couple years now. I almost went this summer (parents offered to shack me up in salida and pay for a lesson), but work kinda screwed that over.
- Play more hockey! Hockey is my main sport and I really don't play it enough anymore. I'll never get back to the five to seven days a week I was doing in college (unless i find me some free ice), but once every other week would be a plus.

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