Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Natural Workout

Well, Dave's still here, so I had to get a little creative with the working out thing. Luckily, Dave wanted to go hiking around Rocky Mountain National Park. So after eating some breakfast, we drove on up to Estes Park for one of the entrances into the Park. Since I realized it was cheaper to get a yearly pass, I ended up doing that ($15 more for the year than for the week ... yeah, going with the yearly.). This way, I can drag the boy up there with me ... or, hopefully train up there this summer too.

We finally started hiking at a trailhead that had an inside bathroom that supposedly had a waterfall, but, silly winter - it was nowhere to be seen thanks to all the snow. Still, we hiked up there and around to a couple of the other lakes in the vicinity. All in all, we probably ended up hiking a little over four miles and had changes in elevation on said hikes upwards of 500 feet - not bad. The hike up to Bear Lake alone was just 250 feet basically straight up at a steady incline for a half-mile.

Thanks to all my working out lately, my legs didn't feel that bad and my lungs were surprisingly okay. I had to stop now and then (well, dave did, but i welcomed the opportunities) but I didn't use my inhaler at all. Had it with me to be safe, but didn't use it. Go me!

One week until Hawai'i and four days until I see Brandon - I'm thinking I'm not taking a day off until next Sunday when I spend the entire day flying and in airports en route to Hawai'i. :)

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