Thursday, January 17, 2008

Go Gray

After a night of not-technically-but-kinda-sorta working out (... my abs are sore. that's all i'm gonna say ...), I went back to the gym today with Brandon. I didn't do much cardio (only about 20 minutes of running/walking), but I was good and made sure to stretch out really well.

I then did the majority of Phase 1, Day 2 (except for the ab work ... figure i'll get more of that in later ...). After that, Gray (brandon's personal trainer) got a hold of me, learned I was back in triathlon training and my weakness is the swim section. Therefore, he put me through an evil (but good) shoulder workout of DOOOOOOOM!!!!!! I about died through part of it, but I figure if I lower the weight at first and work up (plus swim a whole hell of a lot), I'll be good.

I'll sacrifice any shot of having the cute little toothpick girl shoulders in exchange for big ol' buff swimmer shoulders, but if it helps me reach my tri goal, I think I'm all good ...

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