Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Noticing Change

Woke up with the arms just screaming in pain, but the good kind of pain, the kind that you know you've accomplished something. I also hopped right over to the scale. I am 3 lbs away from my goal of 180! Of course, even at that weight, I am still technically "overweight" but with my muscular mass, I will be more than healthy and looking better as well.

I asked T if I should do my standard 20 minute workout or my 45 minute workout. She said since I'm focusing purely on my upper body, I should put in the time for the 45 minute cardio session. I agreed, and after getting my crack fix on ;) I put on my workout clothes and headed for the gym.

Drank a ton of water (sweat it out) and hopped on the treadmill. I've changed the routine slightly. It started out as this:

0-2 minutes at 3.5
2-5 minutes at 5.9
5-7 minutes at 3.5
and so on...for 45 minutes

I changed it now to running at 6.5. The last time I did this was on Saturday, and although I struggled at the end and even said at one point to myself that I didn't think I would make it, I made it. Today, it was much different. Either my cardio is building up to the point that I am much stronger, or the motivation to get in better shape is forcing me to push myself, but either way, I'm achieving something that I would have thought impossible a few years ago.

I am in better shape now than I have been in years. I mean, I obviously slacked in the weightlifting department in college, and other than playing hockey all the fucking time, there wasn't much working out. But I looked in the mirror today, and saw the muscles of my stomach, my defined upper arms, and a very receeding stomach! It's happening!

T the motivator...

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