Sunday, January 6, 2008

Post the First

I'd like to start out explaining why I started this blog (not that anyone will really read it, but y'know).

This is my second official blog (though i have/have had other online journals/diaries) - my first being my Tri for the Cure blog I shared with a few other friends. My boyfriend, actually, recently read the blog and said that me doing the tri (and a few of my related posts) was very inspirational. Since I never really thought of myself as an inspirational person, it got me to thinking ... if I can keep up with this on a semi-regular basis (unlike any other online blog/journal/diary i've tried), I may not only help keep him inspired, but, moreover, inspire myself to get back in good shape and stay there.

That being said, this will have my workouts in some detail. I probably won't put food in here, but I'm not guaranteeing anything just in case. I try to not make it all that boring, but we'll see ...

I don't want to put much about my life in here, but I may anyway. I guess it really depends on what random whim I'm feeling that given day.

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