Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Strength in the core

so after taking yesterday off completely from working out (I felt so fat and lazy), I was looking forward to getting just beat to hell by Gray.

Got to the gym about 15 minutes early so I could squeeze in some very brief cardio. I decided to do what T did the other day and shorten up the standard 45 minute workout into 15 minutes. I walked for one minute, ran for two. At about 11 minutes, Gray came over and asked what I wanted to do today. I told him I wanted to keep killing the upper body. He made up a quick workout plan and we got right on it.

Started off by benching. Gray upped the weight, but we kept the sets the same. We started out at 95 lbs, 12 reps. Then 115 lbs, 12 reps. We did that for 4 sets. Felt great, and Gray mentioned my form was great. We then moved to Lat Pull Downs. Again, we did 5 sets. The weights, I don't remember, but same drill. Good form.

We then did some flys on a fly machine. Don't remember the weight again, but I remember the resistance was brutal right as my palms were about to come together. But I somehow got through 5 sets. We then decided to do chin-ups and dips. When Gray mentioned dips, I just said "fucking dips." He kept me motivated by saying things like HAWAII HAWAII HAWAII!!!

We finished it off by some hammer strength pushups and finally some lateral raises with dumbbells.

I have a few more lifting sessions before Hawaii, and I'm feeling good and looking good! T is helping of course...keeping me motivated.

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