Monday, January 21, 2008

Back on the horse (sort of)

After taking two days off from working out (although running around bartending yesterday left me exahusted, as well as the unconventional workouts with T), it felt good to get back on the horse in Grand Forks.

Was going to do my 45 minute workout on the treadmill, but my stupid toenail decided to recently become ingrown to the point that running is very painful. I discovered this as I started running, and realized it wasn't going to happen, so I opted for a less painful, but less invigorating workout and jumped on the bike. Did that for 1/2 an hour at level 5. After that, I felt sort of worthless, so I decided to squeeze in some lat pull downs and some benching. Nothing big, but definitely enough to keep the muscles toned.

Tomorrow, overnighting in Dayton. I know they have a good pool, a good workout room, and a sauna, so as soon as we get to the hotel, I'll be doing a minimum 90 minute workout.

Hawaii is 2 days away!!!!

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