Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Day In the Park

Today was actually a good, productive and active day for Brandon and I. We started off with some unconventionals which we haven't actually done in a while, but a good cup of tea got us going. ;)

We then went up to Boulder - we were going to get treadmill gait analyses done so we can get proper running shoes, but the place was super busy so we scrapped it and just walked around the Pearl Street Mall instead. On our way back down to Denver, we stopped off at Sports Authority and I bought me a bat so I can practice not sucking at hitting softballs.

When we got back into town, we headed to the park, threw a baseball around for a while and then played with the new bat. Given my erratic hitting (which seemingly improved), he had to run a bit shagging balls, but he enjoyed it. I think. ;) We switched off a bit and had ourselves a lot of fun.

After a yummy dinner of salad (i heart sweet tomatoes), we headed to the park for my softball game. Wingdingers lost, 17-5 to Lime Wire. Personally, I played third, had not much come my way and technically went 2-for-3, though once was a fielder's choice and second was an error. The third was an out, but I say that last strike was bogus! BOGUS I SAY!

Anyway, working out will be intriguing this week as I get to drive with my mom cross country for a funeral. RIP Grandma Mary. :(

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