Sunday, April 13, 2008

Just missed a hatty

Yesterday I played in the posters game, which is a somewhat organized game for all USCHO posters that play hockey. Sadly, this was the event I was MOST looking forward to, since the rest of the Frozen Four didn't exactly turn out the way I wanted.

I struggled early on, missing the net on multiple occasions and even missing wide open tips. It was sad. I took out my frustration on Candace for trying to steal my tuque from the previous night on one shift, and on another one I rode her into the boards. Not anything other than playing aggressive; however she took it another way and threw a couple punches. We both got tossed into the box for that one, and T lectured me on staying calm (blaahhhh).

In the third period of the game I finally broke through and scored a goal. Nothing special; just shot, grabbed my rebound, and put it in. My second goal was impressive though. I got a pass from Brian (Agassiz Line represent!) and took it around Mowers (who sucks) and fired it top shelf over the goalie's shoulder. GLM said he was very impressed with that. And a little ego stoking never hurts!

Overall, it was fun and I am looking forward to it next year, where I will hold my temper in check and maybe even take my game down a notch. ;)

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