Sunday, April 6, 2008

Shouldn't Be Cleaning Up

So I really shouldn't be batting clean-up for my softball team. Wingdingers lost something like 15-5 tonight and I was pretty much useless. Went 1-for-3298071 (okay, more like 1-for-5 or 6), with my one hit being a blooper that should have gotten me out. Might have been a fielder's choice; don't remember.

In any case, I suck at hitting. I was never good with the bat when I played fast-pitch back in high school and currently, my slow-pitch hitting sucks too. Boo.

The worst part about tonight, though, wasn't my plate appearances. Oh no, it was my fielding which is normally pretty solid. I played centerfield tonight where, given that I can throw, isn't a bad spot for me. In fact, I liked center a lot back in high school. But tonight ... *sigh* One way over my head, some on the ground that rolled under my glove and one high in the air that I so should have had, but miscommunication with the left fielder meant it dropped. Shitty, shitty game overall for me.

Had I had more food in me, I may have gone to the gym afterward to work out my frustration. As I haven't eaten much today, I decided to go the wiser route (go home and shower). I also could have done option 3 which was go out and drink with everyone, but I'll save my first bar appearance for next week when Brandon's with me. Hopefully I'll play better with him around giving me pointers ...

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