Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Improvisation Is a Fabulous Skill

So I'm in Indiana for my grandma's funeral but since I have a race this Sunday, I know I have to try and work out. My hotel has a workout room (crappy cardio machines) and a pool, so I decided to try the pool.


Stupid pool is tiny. Check that - length-wise, it's not bad, but the long way is bisected by a lane divider thingy, so one cannot swim the long way. So, one has to go width-wise ... which for me, means about two or three strokes freestyle or about five doing the breaststroke. Can we say pointless?

However, since I was committed to the pool workout (i'm stubborn), I decided to "run" "laps" in the pool instead. I ran on the deep end side of the divider thingy so the water was always about to my shoulders. So, I ran back and forth on my tip-toes pumping my arms back and forth for about 15 minutes. Retarded, I know, but it was actually pretty hard turning "corners" (so to speak). I also tried one backwards (tricky) and, for fun, doing "karaokes" or "grapevines" - once you get going, they're not bad, but they feel really freaking awkward underwater.

In any case, it was a small, marginal bit of cardio to get me by ... for now. Depending on how late we get back tonight (and how early we have to be up in the a.m.), I may go to the Stupid Crappy Workout Room or run some sprints in the field o' weeds just outside my back door ...

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