Thursday, April 3, 2008

To find myself again

I started off the night by bowling...bowled really good.

I then drove my ass to the gym. I just wanted to hit the bag for a little while and do some arm work, since my toe injury is preventing me from running, which is really the only cardio I want to do. I put on Linkin Park and went and hit the bag for a good 10 minutes. Just hammerpunching the bag. I then did some jump rope, which wasn't a good idea since every time I landed on my toe I wanted to scream in pain.

I started off with 3 sets of 21's, then some shoulder presses, some curls, and finally some tricep work while balancing on the ball. It wasn't a lot of work, but enough to make the arms sore and feel good.

Tomorrow toe will get fixed and I can get back to running.

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