Thursday, April 17, 2008

Third Time's the Charm?

Back to the gym for the third day in a row ... I know it's too early to say that I'm back for good - you need what, two weeks to establish a pattern? - but this is a glorious start. I want to fit into my shorts, damnit!

Anyway, seeing as how I really want to start my tri training, I hopped in the pool for somewhere around 15-20 minutes and did somewhere between 10-15 laps (i lost count). I mostly alternated laps between freestyle and breaststroke and did two laps with the kickboard (one somewhere in the middle and one at the end). I also did my first two laps fairly quickly with very little rest which felt pretty good.

Fatigue set in about halfway through, but I forced myself to stay in the pool for a little while longer until fatigue really well and truly set in (when i couldn't finish a free lap and had to switch to breaststroke for the last 1/3 of the return length).

I was pondering doing a bit more in the gym, whether it be more cardio or lifting, but I do want to attempt to sleep at a somewhat reasonable time tonight (like it'll happen anyway since it's already 11:40 and i still need to shower), so I figured I'd just head on home.

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