Sunday, April 27, 2008

I ran a 5K!!! 35:27

Today I became a runner, according to T. :) I ran my very first 5K since high school. The Cherry Creek Sneak 5K, which is really a big event out here in Colorado.

Started out by waking up to ass cold weather. T and I wolfed down some oatmeal and an egg, and headed out to Cherry Creek. We got out of the car and I debated on taking my sweatshirt with me, and ended up doing so. I also ended up grabbing my iPod, because I needed it.

We found the start, hit the porta-potties, and did some minimal stretching to warm up. (Not enough; should have done a LOT more) Then we got towards the starting line and got ready to race. I was actually a little nervous to do my first 5K, but was excited as well. We wished each other good luck and were on our way.

It was tough to get a good pace going for the first 1/2 mile, but eventually I was able to settle into a rhythm. Theresa helped me keep a good pace going. At around 1.5 miles, I got a small cramp and we walked for just a bit. Then I decided I had to ditch the sweatshirt and we stopped at the car, losing at least 3 minutes so I could do the stupid number thing.

We walked for a little bit more until Old Man River came up behind us and told us that if a guy his age could run, so could we. That was motivation enough, and we ran again. I could see the finish line and we picked up our pace. I said to T that I had to go run it and sprinted to the end. For a total time of 35:27. Not a good time by any means, but without the sweatshirt fiasco, it can be trimmed down, and T told me I could have gone even farther and faster without her dragging me down, but I wanted to run with her regardless.

It was really a good experience and I hope to do it again very soon.

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