Wednesday, April 2, 2008

something new...

So the lady friend and I tried our hands at a new game today...racquetball. I played quite a bit in college and thought this would be something fun for the both of us to do.

We got our stuff from the front desk and hit the court. We started by just volleying back and forth. Then I taught T how the scoring works during a game. We never actually got a game going, we just served it and played, never really keeping score. At one point T told me it was 9 billion to 2.

I realized at one point I was way too into this. I dove for one ball and bashed my knee into the wall which still really fucking hurts, plus slammed my head, shoulder, and lower back into the wall at various points. I was also getting really hard on myself for missing shots, when really it didn't matter at all. We left there in kind of bitter spirits, I don't know if it was towards each other or not, but still, not a good feeling.

T and I came up with some new rules for competing against each other. We have to have fun and not worry about scores. We also cannot be too hard on ourselves. If one person is, they get a warning from the other, and if it continues, they get hammer punched. Hopefully this will allow us to still go play pool, darts, etc with each other and not leave feeling hateful towards each other.

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