Thursday, April 24, 2008

Running in the rain

I realized that running on a treadmill is nice, but is not going to help me succeed too much in this upcoming 5K, so I went running outside. Even though it was a steady rain, temps were hovering in the 50's and the wind was light, so it was really nice out.

I made a new running playlist for my iPod and just hit the road. I didn't really care how far I ran or for how long, I just wanted to run. I never walked throughout the whole thing and was feeling pretty good. I found myself really concentrating on holding a steady running pace and just relaxing. Not straining myself too much.

I measured out my running distance in the car later and figured out I ran 3.2 miles. I don't know the time, but would estimate around 30 minutes...

Hoping for more of the same on Sunday

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