Sunday, June 15, 2008

3rd 5K of the Season

Stadium Stampede. Seriously, sounds like a rodeo convention. Well, that's what T and I did today, in our 3rd 5K of the season. It's kind of fun to pay to run (ok not really) but with T training for her triathalon and me being a competitive hooker, it's a fun challenge to race against other people.

Today we knew it was going to be hot. And it was. Seriously, sweat was dripping down my balls (wrinkly ball sack) and I felt not nearly hydrated enough. But armed with Nike+ and motivation, we started the race.

Started off and felt ok. Not great, like I felt in the Rockies 5K, but decent enough. The first mile came up pretty quick and I was happy about that. However, the next mile draaaaaaaaaaaaaged on. I kept looking for the 2nd mile sign, but it was nowhere to be found. I felt my pace dropping too. Plus, this course just sucked ball hair. It wasn't an interesting course like the Cherry Creek Sneak or the Rockies Run for the Hobos. No, this made you run along the Platte River, which is where the Rockies got inspiration for their 5K. I saw more than one invalid along the course, and the Platte River kind of smells. I mean, it was a flat course, don't get me wrong, but still.

Not only did I have to deal with the lousy course, but seriously, I'm getting tired of people running with their strollers. Seriously, do you need to drag along little baby junior son of a bitch to your run? Have you ever heard of a fucking babysitter?

My time chip said I did it in 30:08. Now, Nike+ ended just prior to reaching the stadium and said I did it in 26:53. As the timing chip computer registry dealie was not at the actual start of the race, but at where the finish line was, which was a difference of about .4 miles, that would make sense as to the time difference. I dunno.

Another 5K on Wednesday. Going to hopefully do even better and DAMMIT, FEED US BAGELS AND BANANAS AT THE END OF A RACE!!!!!

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