Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back at It

Been bad about the whole working out thing lately. To be fair, Friday was mostly an off day with some throwing and batting softballs in the park with the boy (along with playing like a kid on the playground!). But yesterday ... I have absolutely no excuse for yesterday. Brandon squashed in a run. I was going to run after dinner while he was at work but then he wasn't needed at the bar so he came back home.

Then the plan was for him to slowly pedal along while I ran. We were going to squish it in before dinner but didn't and then we were way too lazy to do so after. Best laid plans, man, best laid plans.

ANYWAY, I wasn't going to go a whole three days with not working out so since I'm at the end of the monthly evil (new name: vagalanche. thanks, brent and mike!), I decided it wouldn't kill me to get back in the pool, given that I haven't swam in a while. I hopped in and started swimming away ... wondering how it was going to go. The first 100m went well, so I decided to make it a long swim ...

... a plan I almost shitcanned a few hundred meters later. I almost stopped at 400m ... and 600m ... and 750m ... and 800m ... before finally making it to 900m and saying "ah hell, I'm almost there" and pushed it to 1000m total. Continuous. Did it in an estimated 25 minutes, too, which ain't bad. I think. I'm no Michael Phelps (or, more aptly, amanda beard), but it'll do for me for now.

In other news, I can fit into a few of my shorts again - yay! A few pairs get up over the thighs and butt before becoming a little too squishy for comfort in the waist which sucks. Oh well, it's Colorado and depending on how the weather goes I can wear shorts in December, so I'm not that concerned. Right now, I have a few shorts options AND, MORE IMPORTANTLY, I'm sneaking up on that tri (35 days!) so I'm concerned about that instead since I'm so chopping that 17:22 off my time.

Given that I've been reading a lot of health/fitness/body image blogs, we can say that I may be getting inspired to do a few entries that may deviate from just the simple "oh look I ran today. go me" entries I've been doing lately (or, y'know, since this thing started). I'll discuss it with the boyfriend and see if he's cool with it since it technically his blog too and all.

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