Monday, June 30, 2008

Lifting and a Possible New Change

Was super lazy today (seriously) so didn't work out until Brandon got back from ground school. Then, it was waiting for dinner (worst. bratwursts. ever.) then waiting a little bit for dinner to digest before hitting the gym for a quick lifting session.

If you've been reading the old bloggy-poo, you'd know that I haven't lifted in a few days which is BAD. I know while I'm currently tri training I probably won't be lifting four or five days a week like I was a couple summers ago, but I'd at least like to lift twice a week.

Anyway, I/we lifted today. Decline leg presses, calf raises, crazy weighted sit-up thingys on the decline bench thingy (i'm so technical), planks, shoulder presses and bicep curls. My arms were a bit sore ... but I also swam yesterday so I blame some fatigue on that. In any case, the workout felt unsatisfying to me. I don't know ... but if I do legs and I can walk up the stairs to the exit without feeling any soreness, I don't feel like I lifted well enough.

In any case, the ... two? maybe? people who read this will see a change or two in store like I alluded to yesterday. I want to post about my fitness inspirations, my history, my failed and successful experiments and what I have (or haven't) learned from them. Brandon is totally on board with me here and may be doing the same thing, so yay. :)

Besides, I know how a straight workout blog can get boring (even though i feel like a few of our entries have been quite entertaining - particularly the stadium stampede ones) and, if people do stumble on over here, I'd rather have some more interesting crap for them to read. That, and I am a journalist, so I may as well utilize the ol' writing skills I supposedly have.

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MizFit said...

just found you via weighting game.

reminds me how much I miss lifting with my husband!