Monday, June 23, 2008

The Best Laid Plans ...

Yeeeah, didn't work out yesterday - slept in late, had to work ... boo.

So, I guess to make up for it, the boy and I decided to go on a mega bike ride - bike from the house to the Platte River Trail to downtown, Light Rail it back down this way and then bike home from the Light Rail station.

Yeah. Not smart.

My brother said it would only be like eight miles to the Platte River Trail. Yeah, right. Try 11.55mi. That stretch wasn't too bad except for the time that my clipped-out foot slipped on a piece of cardboard taking me down with the bike. BOO. A little sore, but I kept going.

Finally got to the damn Platte River Trail already feeling a little shitty but pedaled on. Too bad about three miles into it, with Brandon feeling fine (yay him!), I had an asthma attack and had to stop for a while. From then on, I had to stop about every five miles or so to get my breathing okay. The stupid headwind didn't help, though.

Got downtown ... got turned around on how to get to the Light Rail ... but finally made it to Union Station 29.7 miles later and on the train with tickets (which was good, since some guy got on halfway home to check them) with about 30 seconds to spare.

Get to the end of the line near my house ... hop back on the bikes realizing our legs are DEAD and we need food like whoa and somehow struggle the last 3.43 miles in 18:44. So, overall, we did 33.13 miles in 2:34:11.

And my right hand is still weird and can't type. I've seriously taken 20 minutes to type this entry to keep correcting typos.

So to sum up: cycling 33 miles good. Doing it after not working out a day bad. Doing it in general may just be bad.

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