Friday, June 13, 2008

Back to the Platte River Trail

Baby Dino has been feeling down about his workouts lately - especially his cycling - so we took things to an easier trail - the Platte River trail that I did with my brother a few weeks back.

Getting there was interesting - fitting both our bikes in Mom's car was a virtual puzzle, but we got it figured out.

28.29 miles and 1:45:56 (not including water and gatorade stops) later, we were finished. I think we shouldn't have done so much since Brandon is still getting his cycling legs back and even mine were burning for a good chunk of the return ride. Still, it was good to get a long ride that was mostly flat under our belts.

I did kick it up for the last mile, pushing the gears so my speed was somewhere around 19 mph. My overall average speed was 16.02 mph (need that faster!) and average cadence was 77 - a little lower than I'd like, but I'm wondering if it takes into account the stretches where I don't pedal and my cadence goes down to zero. Because, if that's counted, it should be higher. Bitches.

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