Sunday, June 1, 2008

Back on the Bike

Hopped on the bike for a ride with the boy today, doing the 470 trail again. I really hate that ride due to all the hills - I like flat, yo. In any case, did 7.99mi in 37:19 for a whopping 12.85 mph. I did get myself up to 31.2 mph on one hill, so go me! Probably could have pushed myself a little quicker, but decided not to.

Cadence today was pretty crappy, averaging only a 71. I wonder if that's in part due to hills where I'm going down but not pedaling ... Still, I need about 80 (and 90, acc. to this one tri training book i picked up), so that's got to improve a lot.

Today was a tough day for my baby dino as he ended up colliding with another rider. :( He now has a lumpy chin, scrapes up and down his left arm and leg and a very sore left elbow. :( I wish I had been there to help him, but I was ahead of him at the time. :(

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