Monday, June 16, 2008

Lift and Swim

Just a quick post out of me tonight ...

Felt okay today after Sunday's 5K but still wanted to get in a workout, so Brandon and I went on over to 24 to lift and swim. Since we want to preserve our legs for Wednesday's race, we decided we'd just lift upper body. So, a few shoulder presses, rows, barbell curls, lat pulldowns and seated rows later, it was off to the pool.

Didn't feel all that great doing my first 100m, so I decided to do my sprint workout (even though i don't swim it all that fast) of 4x100m, 4x50m and 4x25m. However, I did actually sprint those last 25m's, doing the final one in 27 seconds. Okay, so the USOC won't be calling me for a Beijing replacement any time soon, but it works for me.

"Rest" day tomorrow and then 5K on Wednesday!

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