Sunday, June 15, 2008

5K #3 of the Season

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*later passes ...*

Today was 5K #3 of the season (if you couldn't - or didn't - read the title) and it was a shitty race that we shall not be repeating next year. Stadium Stampede? Go screw yourself.

Anyway, we signed up for this 5K that started at Invesco Field at Mile High (new broncos stadium) and were excited to hear it had timing chips ... but the retarded thing about the race was that the start line and the mats for the chips were at least a good tenth of a mile from each other. Does this make sense? No.

The course first looped around the stadium back toward the start and I thought, "if this gay-ass race just loops around the stadium 323857209847 times, I'm quitting right now." Luckily, it didn't, and it went along the Platte River trail* down a bit then looped back. First mile wasn't bad ... mile two, however, I swear was longer than a mile. Kept running ... and running ... and wondered where the stupid marker was ... and then finally saw it.

Mile three was also probably a bit longer than a mile too - especially according to Brandon's Nike+ thing (see his entry). This race was also stupid like the Rockies' one where you think you're nearing the end, but no! Detour inside of stadium ... at least you didn't see the finish line when you detoured. This one wasn't quite as cool, though, since we were still running on crappy, crappy pavement instead of the nice cushy warning track of Coors Field. By the time Brandon got in the stadium, Nike+ said his race was over. Stadium Stampede, however, said otherwise. Again - does this make sense? Not a chance.

In any case, I supposedly finished with a time of 32:49 ... a whole two minutes faster than my last 5K and, with 10:27 splits, a whole minute slower per mile than my run yesterday. Retarded, I know.

Plus, the post-race food sucked wrinkly ballsack. Hot dogs, apples, cinnamon rolls and ice cream sandwiches (plus nasty granola bars)? Where are my bananas and bagels? Fuckers. The only good thing about this race was the free massages afterwards ... which most races have but most other races have more people so it's not worth waiting for the massage.

In closing, fuck you, Stadium Stampede. Fuck you and your shitty t-shirts, your stupid course, your hot-ass weather (okay, not your fault, but still, man) and your crappy sense of mileage.

*See entry from a few days ago regarding the bike ride Brandon and I did. If we had kept going, we would have ended up along this same path.

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