Thursday, June 12, 2008

Swimmity Swimmity Swim

Back to the gym for a light lifting and not-so-light swimming day after an extremely relaxing and lazy day - a day I think both of us needed in some respects.

Since neither of us have lifted in quite some time, we took it "easy" (in that we didn't lift much, but what we did lift, we lifted well). Started off with some bench presses and moved on to lying tricep extensions for the upper body. Moved in to the gym for some lunges (lunged length-wise across the basketball court!), a quick :30 wall sit and 30 body weight squats - jumping up with the last five. Then, to finish off, some core - the medicine ball declined ab thingys (so don't know the name of those). We were going to do some lat pulldowns, but one was being used and the other was being weird so we said, "screw it," and went off to the pool.

We had to wait for a lane since two were being used by legit swimmers and the other by two stupid women just yammering away while walking their laps. Still, we eventually got a lane (and then two!) and did our thing. I started off swimming for as long as I could ... which ended up being 500 meters. My body probably could have gone a little longer, but my goggles fogged up to the point where I couldn't see out of them anymore. Oops. Took a short break, then finished up with 250 meters for a total of 750m.

Tomorrow will hopefully (*crosses fingers*) be a bike AND run day. Gotta prepare for that 5K on Sunday!

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