Saturday, February 2, 2008

And We're Back in the Game

I forgot to blog again yesterday, but I *did* go for a good 20 minute walk, so I accomplished yesterday's tri-training goal.

Today was "20-60 minutes of cardio" so I went to 24 for the first time in oh, two weeks (at least). Started off with 10 minutes on the recumbent bike as a warm-up then stretched out really well. I then hopped on the stepmill for some intervals for 15 minutes and then finished up with 12 minutes of more intervals on the elliptical. My original plan was to do 20 minutes of elliptical, but I guess I still have a cold since I started getting mucusy again. Boo. :(

Tomorrow on the tri-training calendar is "20 minutes to all day of something new" which I shall translate into "swimming at some point, probably during the Super Bowl." I do know I won't be able to follow said calendar religiously when Brandon comes in town, but I figure I'll be able to finagle things around enough to basically follow what it advises but work it with my schedule.

So basically, go me!

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