Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Back In the Groove?

I think it's too early to definitively say if I'm back on the horse or not, but early signs point to "yes."

In any case, back to the gym today - I'm one-upping the boy here since he's not going to work out today. Ha! Although, it's a hollow victory because he's flying around getting paid instead. Boo.

Today was a cardio/arms day. Skipped my typical warm-up in favor of 20 minutes on the stationary bike (starting that ol' tri training), stretching and then the 20 minute FTWoD which, I might add, was a struggle today for whatever reason. Didn't help that the arch on my lumpy foot was bothering me a tad. Grr.

After that cardio, I did a small upper-body routine. 3/10 lat pulldown, 3/10 seated dip, 3/10 seated row, 3/10 incline seated chest press and 3/5 (so wussy) overhead press. I hate my weak, girly arms. Boo. Oh well, that's why I lift, right?

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