Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hooray for free weights!!!

after neglecting the arms for the past few days, I found to my delight that the workout room in Tulsa has mucho free weights. I decided to forgo my usual cardio routine and just hit the arms.

Warmed up by doing a few pushups. I then started off by doing shoulder presses. 3/10. I then did curls, 3/10. After that, did some tricep extensions, 3/10. Tossed away the dumbbells and hit the bench. Warmed up with the bar, then tossed on 45 a side and did a set of 10. I then increased it to 55 a side and did 2 more sets of 10. I finished off the arms by doing 3 sets of lat pull downs.

I watched myself in the mirror and was just amazed at how big my arms looked. Maybe the girl is onto something here...;)

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