Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bloggity Blog Blog

Back to the gym today. Would have gone yesterday, but was way too exhausted to think about it. Therefore, back to the grind today.

Started off with my typical 10 minutes on the recumbent bike and stretching. From there, did 15 minutes on the stepmill and 10 on the treadclimber. I was thinking of running, but would rather do that on a day I don't do legs (like today).

Then, lifting! I'm forcing myself to get back into lifting because really, I do like to lift - it just doesn't seem like it lately. So: 3/10 adductor, 3/10 leg curl (hammies), 3/10 leg extension (quads), 3/10 rotary calf machine, 3/10 body weight squats, 3/10 ball crunches, 3/:30 wall sits, 3/10 captain's chair thingys.

Relatively short day, but I'm okay with that. Now to refuel 'cuz I'm huuuuunnnnggggrrrryyyyyy.

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