Friday, February 1, 2008


after a long absence from running, I finally was able to get back on the treadmill and start running again.

I decided since I haven't been working out too much lately, I would just do the 20 minute treadmill workout of death, with some sprinting at the end for my own benefit/satisfaction. I climbed on and began. Felt good throughout the entire workout, and before I knew it, was at the final 5 minutes, where I always add my own twist to the workout.

I sprinted at 8.6 for one minute, leaving 4 minutes left. I then brought it down to 5.5 for one minute, cranked it up to 7 for another minute, and pushed myself as hard as I could for the final two and sprinted at 10.0. The amazing thing is, I could have kept going, but to not risk injury, decided to get off and STRETCH!

Tomorrow, right back into my standard 45 minute routine. I'm gonna toss in some weightlifting as well. I am very happy right now, given that I have not only achieved my weight goal, but am lower than what I thought I would be. I am now shooting for 175 lbs, which is only 3.5 lbs left to go to that. My motivator has done a great job. Love you sweetie!

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