Saturday, February 23, 2008

Takin' It Easy, But Lifting Again

Went back to the gym today - two days in a row! Go me!


Anyway, I was planning on running outside, but it's kind of chilly and it's supposed to be so much nicer outside tomorrow. Therefore, I run outside tomorrow.

Instead, I ventured indoors for some cardio and some light upper-body lifting. I wanted to do more than I did, but since I'm starting to lift again after a long break, I decided to ease back into it - especially with my wimpy upper body since my legs are sore already from yesterday.

I started out with my typical 10 minutes on the recumbent bike then stretched out which felt so good because my muscles in my legs were ridiculously sore from yesterday. I then hopped on the treadmill on a flat incline (so 1.0), set it at 5.7 mph, threw my towel over the display and ran. I didn't want to be able to see my time elapsed because then it just seems and feels like an eternity. Instead, I paid attention to my lungs (did okay since it was flatness) and my feet (bad if no blister balm) ... which meant about 12 minutes in I gave up and looked at the display and decided to do 15 minutes total. At the 14 minute mark I upped it to 6.0mph and at 14:30, upped it to 6.5mph.

After that, the light lifting. Since my back started to bother me a bit running, I started off with 10 10 second ball cobras. After that, as follows:
3/10 lat pull-downs
3/10 tri extensions
3/10 db curl and presses
10/3 supermans (right arm/left leg, left arm/right leg, full body)

I probably could have done more arm work, but again ... I don't want to push myself right now. I'm going to be smart about this ...

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