Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Back in the game

So today I went back to Gold's for a session with Gray. Was really looking forward to a solid ass-beating after my slacking over the past couple weeks.

Warmed up on the treadmill by doing the 2-3 routine but pared down to 1-2. After 3 of those, just ran at 9.1 until Gray came over to get me. We started out with simple lunges. Then we did some leg presses, but not like I'm normally used to. We began with no weight on either side, 10 reps. Then Gray added a 25 lb plate on each side, and I did 10 reps. He continued this routine until there were 4 plates on each side. Then he began removing a set of them, but I still did 10 reps. Total reps of 100.

We then did some leg extensions followed by leg curls. Have not done leg curls in FOREVER so those hurt. A lot. We then went into the spin room. I was thinking we were going to spin for a few minutes, but Gray ordered me to do wall sits. Ugh, I hate him sometimes. 3 at a minute each.

We then moved to arms. Did a lot of stuff on the hammer machines, which I love. I also did some seated rows and some curls.

A good solid workout today that I think jumpstarted my working out again. Let's hope so. I get to see my sweetie on Thursday, and I want to make sure she's still proud of me.

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