Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shots Off the Feet = PAIN

So, played hockey tonight. In my very second shift, I blocked a shot off the outside of my left foot. For the uninformed, that's exactly where I broke my foot back in high school. I know I didn't rebreak it, but jeebus does it hurt like a mother. I'm currently sitting with it on a bag of ice, hoping it starts to feel better.

But, the plus is I never missed a shift - even after I blocked another shot off the same foot. I did start to play lazy because I got sick of the goalie on my side. He gets bitchy if you don't play defense ... I do play defense, fucker ... I just can't cover three guys at once, asshole. He's not allowed to leave the skate anymore so instead he decided to become worse than a shooter tutor. Him not wanting to put forth effort made me not want to put forth effort. I'm too competitive for that to completely happen, but I stepped out of the way of shots after a while.

In any case, I hope this foot thing doesn't keep me out of commission for too long - I gots working out and skiing to do this week ...

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