Friday, February 15, 2008

Like Riding a Bike

To celebrate Valentine's Day, albeit a day late, and after a couple unconventional workouts last night, Theresa and I decided to go skiing up at Winter Park. A day of fun doing something neither of us has done in many years, and hopefully not killing ourselves.

When we got to the mountain, we both decided we wanted some warm ups on the green hills. After two warm up hills, I was ready to take on some blue runs and get the game on. Although T was a little more apprehensive about going fast down the hills, I was ready to test my edges of my crappy rented skis and feel some adrenaline. And yeah, I think I biffed it going through the woods. That and I lost my hat at one point after clipping it on a tree. No fear though in me, especially when it comes to skiing.

I felt bad for T, being the fact that she took a puck off the foot earlier in the week and had a big bump and bruise on her foot that she christened "Lumpy". She was a real trouper throughout the day and handled herself real well, especially after about noon. She was looking confident and like a skier who knew how to handle herself.

We closed off the day by taking a Intermediate/Expert run. It was fast and both T and I kept great control. At the bottom, we both realized how sore we actually were and collapsed in each others arms on the train ride home, taking about an hour to finally find a comfortable position. Don't know how many calories I burned today, but that was a good workout, one that I know I will feel tomorrow.

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