Saturday, February 23, 2008

Channeling my uncontrollable rage

So after a miserable day at work in which I ended up getting home 4 hours later than I should have, thanks to my horrible company...I was going back and forth on going to the gym. I eventually decided to suck it up and go. Just to beat the hell out of myself and take out my rage.

I jumped on the treadmill and decided to just run a mile. Flat out. I ended up running it in a little over 7 minutes, but the treadmill was acting up, so I think I could have cracked 7, but oh well.

I then blasted Linkin Park and went into a side room, where a punching bag was. To the tune of Bleed it Out, I beat the shit out of that bag, using techniques I learned in FFDO training. Hammer punches, elbows, knees to the head, and lots of punches. Every time, I was putting a face of someone I couldn't stand on the bag and just beat the hell out of it. I was just exhausted after...but goddamn did it feel good.

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