Friday, February 15, 2008

Faire du Ski

Brandon and I went skiing today for our exercise endeavour (though there was some non-traditional working out last night). To preface, it was the first time that either of us have been skiing in years. For me, it's been probably about a decade.

As a result, I know I wanted to go kind of slow and take things easy at first, given that I hadn't skied in forever. After a few greens (and relearning how to turn on skate-like objects with large stuff attached), we moved on to the blues and tree trails. Brandon was good after about two runs and ready to go crazy and, often times, like a bat out of hell down the hill. The kid has no fear - which was evidenced in a few situations where he fell and stumbled down the mountain.

Me, I'm a bit more wary. However, that's not to say I didn't fall a few times. Still, a little over halfway through the day and I started to find my groove again. I tried some moguls (i got to doing them well by the time i stopped schussing, but never really liked them) and realized I basically still have the ability to do them, yet the desire (mainly with my poor knees) still isn't there. However, by the last run of the day - a blue-black that was sans moguls yet kind of icy (downside to sunny days), I was feeling great.

Still, my quads I know are going to hurt like a bitch tomorrow. My lumpy foot held up, but I still don't know if I can put it through a strenuous session. Still, since it's "bring a guest for free" month at 24, I may drag the boy over so I at least can stretch myself out extremely well on the foam rollers and cry while doing so.

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