Saturday, January 3, 2009

2 in a row? Alright!!!

So again last night my job decides to throw me another curve ball...this time a drunk passenger. Not good, as you can imagine. Luckily before the flight left we got him thrown off and arrested. Go us pilots! But anyway, this led to us being late into Billings, and therefore, a short overnight. Boo. But I woke up at 8, determined to work out.

When I got downstairs to the fitness center, there's two people on the two treadmills. And of course, they aren't really pushing themselves. More just walking slow and talking. I decided not to wait and instead hopped on the stepmill. After 10 minutes, they finally left so I used the final 5 minutes of my workout to do the 2-3 run thing on the treadmill. It worked out pretty well.

I think I'm making good food choices too...even though I am in an airport and it's not easy. Bah humbug.


MizFit said...

the step mill is awesome.
the step mill kicks my arse.
I need to do the stepmill.

Dr. J said...

It must be such a challenge to work out with all the traveling you do! Way to go!!

Dr. J said...

PS: I need to add that if I was in charge, there would be no alcohol served on airplanes. I do not understand the thinking on this.

T said...

mizfit - we did the stepmill today. it kicked both of our arses.

dr. j - i'll let brandon comment on the alcohol issue, but when one travels, one must really try hard to make fitness a priority ... especially with his crazy flight schedule. i admire him.

Brandon said...

Doctor J, it's amazing the amount of revenue collected from booze. This guy was drunk before he even got on the plane. The breakdown from the bartender letting him get that way to the gate agent not stopping him is sad.

And thankfully, most hotels I stay at have good workout facilities. Or good running areas right around them. If all that fails, there's always body weight exercises. :)

Dr. J said...

Thanks Brandon!