Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year and a fresh start

As girlfriend alluded to in her post below, the end of last year was not pretty in terms of working out. It's scary to think about how far we fell. But we have our game plan in store for the year. As T said, we're gonna get our schedules figured out for each month and pencil in when we are working out and what we are doing that day. We are also scheduling "off days" which are important as well. And as she also mentioned, if we hit our workout goals, we are going to reward ourselves with a "treat". I have never treated myself before for completing a workout, so I think this will be fun and rewarding.

That being said, today was my first day to be scheduled for a workout. Yesterday was a crazy day as an airline pilot...blah. Today I was scheduled for cardio. As much as I want to push myself, I know it's not the best idea. The best idea, IMO, is to ease back into the workouts, especially the cardio side of things. Being that it's -20 in Fargo today (that's cold, even for me!) I decided on a 15 minute treadmill workout. Yes, the classic 2-3 treadmill workout. 3.5 walk for 2, 6.0 run for 3. In the final interval, with 45 seconds left, I kicked up the speed so I was sprinting by the end. And amazingly, I feel good. It feels good to get back into working out.

I know T said we'll post the New Years Resolutions later, but I figure I'll say a few things of my own that I will focus on this year:

- not beat myself up for missing a workout. Circumstances can happen, especially with my job.
- know there will be setbacks
- realize that it's not a short-term thing we're shooting for here
- keep track of everything in a notebook (food and working out)

This year you will see a new Brandon. A more focused Brandon. Life threw me a lot of curve balls in 2008 and probably will in 2009. But I am determined to hit them this year, instead of fouling them off like I did last year.

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MizFit said...

welcome new brandon!
focused brandon.

hitoutofpark brandon.

I need to follow suit and be the new!crosstraining!mizfit.

duly noted.