Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gym Time

So, still fighting off a cold here. In the immortal words of the Critic, "It Stinks!"

Anyway, went to the gym after work (well, to be entirely accurate, in between jobs). Since I still need to get the ol' bike in for a tune-up, today was a boring 20 minutes on the stationary bike. I actually had time to warm up (recumbent) and stretch, though.

But after that, 20 minutes, level 8, sport-specific, tryingtokeepitaround90rpms of stationary bike. The display went black because I pressed the wrong button right after I finished, but I figure I did somewhere between six and seven miles, but again, who knows.

I think it's lifting and swimming on the slate for tomorrow, but my planner isn't near me, so I can't say definitively.

Oh, and that job crap I was hinting about a post or two ago? Decision was taken care of for me. While I'm somewhat happier about the course of events, I'm also not given how everything went down.

Yes, I'm cryptic. Deal.

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