Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! Was your NYE celebration quiet? Crazy? Non-existent? Brandon and I had a nice dinner date downtown, rode the light rail back home (free!) ... and barely made it to midnight. We're party animals these days I tell ya.

Anyway, since we've let ourselves go a ridiculous amount, we're resolving that 2009 be different. We've set up an overarching plan for the year, broken down the month of January to know which days we're working out and which days we're not, and will figure out exactly what we're doing week-by-week as we know our schedules (okay, as i know mine as brandon already has his). We've worked in off days to our workout plan - off days that, if we've done x workouts or x this, we get a treat. We're also working out a treat schedule as we think it's going to be good to reward ourselves. I'm personally looking forward to this as I've never really rewarded myself for workouts or what have you.

I'm still working out the official Resolution Post and will probably post it in a few days on the *gasp* one year anniversary of this here blog. So, look forward to that - especially because one of the resolutions will concern this here bloggity blog.

Anyway, to start off the year right, I've made pretty good food decisions so far today and have gone for a run - 1.35 miles in 14:06 for a 10:27 mile. It's not a pretty time, but I know I did that to myself. However, I actually felt good during most of the run, so that's an encouraging plus. :)


MizFit said...

happy new year to the dynamic duo.

cant wait for the resolution post...I know you have something really organized in the works :)

or not.

either way it shall be a kick a** 2009.

T said...

half organized, half not. y'know.