Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Of Snowshoeing and Running

Okay, I uploaded snowshoeing pictures so I'll toss those in at the end. But, I already did my workout for today, so go me.

Brandon's got a trip later today, so we decided to go to the gym before he left. Did the recumbent bike warmup, stretched ... and cursed the New Years Resolutioners (of which we technicallykindaare) for there were NO good treadmills available - only two of the crappy ones. I managed to snag a good one in the midst of stretching and finished stretching out on said treadmill before doing the 2/3 sprint workout for 15 minutes. I didn't go too crazy ... that's for later this spring. Brandon did about half his workout on a crappy treadmill and half on a good one.

ANYWAY, the fun part of the post - snowshoeing pictures! As mentioned a few times already, we got each other snowshoes for Christmas and yesterday was the first chance we've had to go try them out. So, we headed up to a cold, windy Rocky Mountain National Park, strapped them on and clomped around for a mile or so (again, COLD. so going earlier in the day next time).

Brandon Go Boom
Brandon fall down, go boom.

Messing Around
Me messing around.

Losing Balance
Brandon trying ... something.

Jumping for Joy
Hooray for snowshoes!

As you can see, we had a TON of fun and plan on going again next week. We hope. *crosses fingers*

Also, I read in some local sports magazine that there are actually snowshoe running races. I tried running a bit in mine - it worked out okay, but I don't think I could go that far right now. Still, something I may have to look into in the future as that would be AWESOME.

For the curious, we have (probably) basic snowshoes - Tubbs Sojourn 25/30s. (i've got the 25s, he's got the 30s). Still, we loves them.

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