Monday, January 19, 2009

Another run

Went on another run today...not the best idea since I was very very dehydrated + had only eaten breakfast up to that point. Still, I somehow pushed myself and fell into a rhythm.

It was only 1.37 miles, but still...thought I did pretty good.


Dr. J said...

How do you run, Brandon? What I mean is, if you are running outside what I do is run out and back. That way, if I can run a little farther on the out, I still have to get back :-) Running in circles or on a treadmill makes it easier to quit, in my opinion.

T said...

um, i think we're both confused, but unless we say "treadmill sprint workout," just presume we're running outside.

we've got a few loops around our (ridiculously) hilly neighborhood - we have a 1.27ish mile loop that's actually WORSE because it's down a hill and then up a hill.

i think if both of us ran on the treadmill all the time ... we wouldn't be running at all.

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

great job on the run!

Kelly Turner

RunninFun said...

Keep up the good work. But remember, the only way to loose weight is to burn more calories than you take in.

Also, you should think about increasing the distance of your runs. Dr. J was right, treadmills are for people who want excuses and increasing your distance slightly every couple days is the only way to get better. 1.27 or whatever is a start, but tri's and 5k's are much longer than that.

T said...

kelly - thanks!

runninfun - a few things:
1. we do know that to lose weight, calories in must be < calories out. it's basic.

we only run on treadmills for sprints. brandon has to use them often because his job takes him to cold climates where a treadmill in the hotel is often the only thing available to him.

our distances running outside were much further this past summer. however, like most everyone else, we got out of it during the holiday season. so, to wean back into it, we're starting with shorter distances. also, given that it's WINTER, and we can't really afford yaktrax and a lot of cold-weather running gear, we run when it's nice out.

luckily, we live in colorado, so we get quite a few of those nice days. still, running outside isn't always feasible for us.

and yes, we know that tri's and 5ks (and 4milers and 10ks and 5milers and whatnot) are longer than 1.27 miles. simple math, eh?