Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Of Resolutions and Retrospect

I promised I'd get around to my resolution/retrospective ... and here it is!

Hey, I actually followed through with a promise on this here blog. Crazy, I know.

Anyway, I figure I'll do this post in three parts. If I knew how to do a blog cut, I would, but since I don't ... this is going to be long.

First of all ... The Top ISDreams Posts of 2008 According to T

In other words, the posts I thought were the most notable, thought-provoking ... and generally, the most worthy of your time. Mostly. These will be in chronological order, not order of importance. Too lazy to rank.

- I start the blog
- Brandon hops on board
- We both go skiing for the first time in forever
- Sports help us figure out our relationship
- Brandon's first 5K in FOREVER
- Charlotte gives us our first non-spam comment!
- MizFit finds us!
- Resolution half-way point
- I debut pictures
- I discuss my crappy tri performance
- I create a CD dumbbell thanks to an idea yanked from MizFit's blog
- Brandon realizes he's gone too far
- I talk about my time on the bodybugg

There you have it, the milestones and whatnot of ISDreams's first year in blogland.

Next up, I'll review last year's fitness-related resolutions ...

Get back in shape. Not so much. Okay, okay, I was doing well with this for a while, but, as in 2007, I fell back off the wagon. Le sigh.
Compete in at least five races again and possibly add others in - includes tri. Success! I competed in seven 5Ks, one 4miler and one sprint triathlon.
Finally learn to kayak. Failboat. This is something I SO SO SO want to do, but am going to have to put off for a while.
Play more hockey. Fail. Due to a lot of random factors, I think I actually played LESS hockey in 2008 than in 2007.

Finally, I give you ... T's 2009 Resolutions. These are not all health and fitness related ... so the ones that aren't, I'm not going into grand detail.

My overarching goal this year is to GET ORGANIZED. This means financially, mentally, emotionally, physically, technically, whathaveyouly.

From there ...
1. Find a job that will help me be more financially stable, whether it be in my field or not and whether I have to swallow my pride to take it or not.
2. Develop a healthy lifestyle that I can actually STICK TO, not something that is inflexible with the demands of life. I feel so much better when I'm well-hydrated and well-nutrified (yes, i know it's a fake word) that it's really a wonder why I don't adhere to eating well and working out on a consistent basis.
3. Embrace frugality.
4. Continue racing, and expand beyond the 5K. I started this in November by doing the Mile High United Way Turkey Trot (the aforementioned 4miler) and actually almost ran the whole thing. To that point, it had been the longest distance I'd ever run. There's a 5miler I'd like to do in late April and I'd ideally like to be able to do the Bolder Boulder (a 10k) at the end of May. I have a lot of work to get there, but I think I can do it. I might also do more than one tri this year or, at the very least, add in a duathlon.
5. Consolidate my crap and cut down.
7. Write more often.

Point seven deals with my other, more social-type online journals that I rarely update, but it goes along with here, too. I started this blog as a workout blog (and it even says what it is right there at the top), but I'd like to expand on to other things, as well. Add in more exercise history so y'all can get a feel for who Brandon and I are and why we are the way we are when it comes to exercise and working out. The above linked bodybugg post is somewhat of a start, but I'd like to go so much further.

I'd also like to post about other topics within the realm of health and fitness (yes, i'm stealing my ideas from the rest of the fitosphere), although I doubt I'll ever get myself/ISDreams to the stage of information that, to give a few random examples, Crabby and Merry, Mizfit and Charlotte do.

Is that something our small but awesome readership would be interested in? Let me know ... but I may just do it anyway.

Happy 2009, everyone. Thanks for stumbling upon this here blog and hope you've enjoyed what you've seen so far!

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