Monday, January 5, 2009

Wanting More

In keeping with the idea of easing back into working out (for, as we've mentioned a zillion times over, we were total slackers in the last quarter of 2008), today was a short cardio day at the gym.

Crazily enough, I actually changed my warmup from five minutes on the recumbent bike to 2:30 on the stepmill ... and I think I got more warmed up that way. Go figure. Anyway, stretched out and headed over the stationary bikes (a.k.a. BOREDOM) while Brandon hopped on an elliptical.

Since we were sort of crunched for time (ze boy is off scorekeeping right now), we only squashed in 15 minutes of cardio. I went for the sport-specific setting, punched in a level, hid the time and the progress chart with my towel and started pedaling away.

Oh, and if you're wondering why I cover said crap with my towel it's because watching it will make me go crazy. While I love me a good bike ride in the great outdoors, the stationary bike drives me crazy due to its boring nature. So, if I forbid myself from looking at the time just counting down the minutes and seconds until my workout is over ... things go smoother.

So, the only thing I kept an eye on was my cadence/rpms. I was aiming for 90 and I'm guessing I probably averaged around 87 or 88 rpms, so yay.

Eventually, I did look at my clock though and realized I had less than a minute left and almost felt sad that my workout was ending. I probably could have pushed myself a lot harder than I did today - not going to lie - but at the same time, it was nice to get into a rhythm on the bike and actually enjoy myself on the damn thing for once.

Besides, I figure it's always better to be wanting more than wanting to never go back again.

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